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September / October 2007


Cover Story
Goodbye to All That
The decline of the coverage of books isn’t new, benign, or necessary
By Steve Wasserman
Private Matters
A new push to rein in the tabloids has British reporters on edge
By Mariah Blake
The Uncle Sam Solution
Can the government help the press? Should it?
By Bree Nordenson
Play (Hard!) Ball
Why the sports beat must evolve
By Robert Weintraub
The Nonprofit Road
It's paved not with gold, but with good journalism
By Charles Lewis
How Healthy Is Men's Health?
A shovelful of sugar helps the medicine go down
By Christopher Hanson
The (Josh) Marshall Plan
Break news, connect the dots, stay small
By David Glenn

Ideas + Reviews

The Second Draft of History
Where newspapers fall short, news books continue to succeed
By Elisabeth Sifton
The Identity Trap
Does the personal make reporting predictable?
By Eyal Press
Why one reporter left a newspaper to write books
By Linda Perlstein


Web Only Special
Chauncey Bailey: An Interview
Before his death, the murdered journalist spoke of the significance of community TV
By Kristal Brent Zook
Short Takes
Glass Half Full
While journalism's job pool shrinks, j-school enrollments expand
By Jarrett Renshaw
Short Takes
PBS's tailored documentary
By Megan Garber
Darts and Laurels
Dart to The Oregonian
Send tips and comments to
By Clint Hendler
The Research Report
What Journalism Can't Do
In covering catastrophe, how can journalism make a difference?
By Michael Schudson & Tony Dokoupil
The Research Report
The Research Report
What journalism can't do
By Michael Schudson and Tony Dokoupil
Darts & Laurels
Darts & Laurels
Send tips and comments to dartsandlaurels at
By Clint Hendler
Short Takes
Pride of Place
A veteran editor trades the corner office for the newsroom floor
By Terry A. Dalton

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    Give us your thoughts on journalism’s state and its future

  • Opening Bell: Oil Slicks

    As prices soar, U.S. looks for scapegoats; UBS ready to roll over; Jimmy Cayne, pariah; Rachael Ray, jihadi; etc.

  • Mort Rosenblum on Dispatches

    New quarterly bucks industry trend, exudes smart idealism

  • Cut the Dividends!

    Newspaper companies fork over hundreds of millions a year—and for what?

  • Opening Bell: The Hours

    Americans are working fewer, but not by choice; cuts on Wall Street; jobless ranks swell; etc.

  • Wiring Journalism 2.0

    Brad Stenger on the intersection of the press and computer science

  • Opening Bell

    In CJR's a.m. guide to the business press: Grim tidings on housing; WP says a veto threatened on bailouts; 50 bank failures? etc. etc.

  • The Opening Bell

    Pause in the panic; the Times on useless insurance; more bad news for a fallen titan, etc.