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November / December 2006


The Reign of the CPA
An effort to spin the war occasionally veered into the absurd
By The Editors
Omens and Incidents
Negotiating cultural fault lines in Iraq
By The Editors
The Death of Supply Column 21
A lesson from the Vietnam War on the press, the military, and authority.
By David Halberstam
Liberties and Ambiguities
As Iraq began to unravel
By The Editors
Reporting in Iraq
The mundane and the profound
By The Editors
Enemies and Civilians
How big stories could hide in plain sight
By The Editors
The Embeds
What is gained, and what is lost
By The Editors
In the Beginning
The early days of the Iraq war gave journalists freedom to report, but also hints of something darker
By The Editors
The Continuing Story
How Iraq is different from, and the same as, other wars
By The Editors
The Good News
The clamor for ‘positive’ stories didn’t fit the reality of Iraq
By The Editors
Turning Points
Everyone has a story about when things began to go bad
By The Editors

Ideas + Reviews

Fear of Yoga
Today, everybody, including the press, loves the Hindu practice of health and spirituality. But it took a couple of centuries to get there.
By Robert Love
The Desegregation Drama
The white news media came late to the scene. But when they finally did arrive, the battle was joined.
By David K. Shipler


Darts and Laurels
Darts & Laurels
Send tips and comments to [email protected]
By Gloria Cooper
Assignment Iraq
A note from the editors
By The Editors
The Research Report
Inside Jokes
A new take on news and late-night comedy, and a parsing of journalistic courage
By Michael Schudson & Tony Dokoupil

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  • Opening Bell: Oil Slicks

    As prices soar, U.S. looks for scapegoats; UBS ready to roll over; Jimmy Cayne, pariah; Rachael Ray, jihadi; etc.

  • Mort Rosenblum on Dispatches

    New quarterly bucks industry trend, exudes smart idealism

  • Cut the Dividends!

    Newspaper companies fork over hundreds of millions a year—and for what?

  • Opening Bell: The Hours

    Americans are working fewer, but not by choice; cuts on Wall Street; jobless ranks swell; etc.

  • Wiring Journalism 2.0

    Brad Stenger on the intersection of the press and computer science

  • Opening Bell

    In CJR's a.m. guide to the business press: Grim tidings on housing; WP says a veto threatened on bailouts; 50 bank failures? etc. etc.

  • The Opening Bell

    Pause in the panic; the Times on useless insurance; more bad news for a fallen titan, etc.