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July / August 2007


Cover Story
Prisoner 345
What happened to Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Haj
By Rachel Morris
Brian Tierney’s Grand Experiment
Fitting Philly pigs for wings
By Julia M. Klein
Burning the Virtual Shoe Leather
Does journalism in a computer world matter?
By Stephen Totilo
The Halberstam You Didn’t Know
A master of the Big Book, sure, but of friendship, too
By Jim Wooten
Damage Report
Most of the two hundred journalists who left The Dallas Morning News landed on their feet. Those who stayed are not so sure.
By Craig Flournoy & Tracy Everbach
Web Only Special
Bending to Power
How Rupert Murdoch built his empire, and how he uses it
By Bruce Page
Web Only Special
Al-Alam’s Game
Iran Bets it Can Woo Arab Hearts With Its Own Gloss on the News
By Alia Malek

Ideas + Reviews

Q and A
Room to Roam
Rebecca Solnit’s peripatetic education
By Peter Terzian
Brief Encounters
Short reviews of books about political power and the press, the changing role of the editorial, selling anxiety to women, and bearing witness to a changing century
By James Boylan
Second Read
Bohemian Rhapsodies
Mary Heaton Vorse’s labor reportage
By David Glenn
Norman Pearlstine, Company Man
An editor revisits his role in Plamegate
By Douglas McCollam
Fountains, Faucets, and Leaks
Novak on the care and feeding of primary sources
By Anthony Marro


Web Only Special
Chauncey Bailey: An Interview
Before his death, the murdered journalist spoke of the significance of community TV
By Kristal Brent Zook
Short Takes
Southern Strategy
The media lobby, free trade, and Central America
By Dorian Block and Lauren McSherry
Short Takes
Defining Muqtada
Militant, radical, firebrand: how do you brand al-Sadr?
By Peter Klein
Short Takes
Hyphen Heaven
Time magazine's nine-decade celebration of the Homeric epithet
By Tom Grubisich
The Research Report
The Good-Citizen Quiz
What Americans know
By Michael Schudson & Tony Dokoupil
Darts and Laurels
Darts & Laurels
Send tips and comments to
By Gloria Cooper
On the Contrary
Memorial Day Mush
It’s time for the networks to get real about the war
By Michael Massing
Missed Story in Iraq
When diplomats are in danger
By The Editors
It's His Nature
Rupert Murdoch and Dow Jones
By The Editors

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  • Parting Thoughts: An Invitation

    Give us your thoughts on journalism’s state and its future

  • Opening Bell: Oil Slicks

    As prices soar, U.S. looks for scapegoats; UBS ready to roll over; Jimmy Cayne, pariah; Rachael Ray, jihadi; etc.

  • Mort Rosenblum on Dispatches

    New quarterly bucks industry trend, exudes smart idealism

  • Cut the Dividends!

    Newspaper companies fork over hundreds of millions a year—and for what?

  • Opening Bell: The Hours

    Americans are working fewer, but not by choice; cuts on Wall Street; jobless ranks swell; etc.

  • Wiring Journalism 2.0

    Brad Stenger on the intersection of the press and computer science

  • Opening Bell

    In CJR's a.m. guide to the business press: Grim tidings on housing; WP says a veto threatened on bailouts; 50 bank failures? etc. etc.

  • The Opening Bell

    Pause in the panic; the Times on useless insurance; more bad news for a fallen titan, etc.